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Dutch classes and cultural training

If you wish to integrate into Dutch society, it is important to get acquainted with our language and culture quickly. Children learn the language without effort at school and from their mates. For your employee, too, it is important to learn to speak the Dutch language quickly. Network Netherlands therefore works in close cooperation with a recognized language institute and offers various training courses.

Digital classes

To employees who wish to start learning the Dutch language before their arrival in the Netherlands, we can offer digital language classes.

Purpose-made language classes

We prefer making an early start with language classes. Intake and language training courses  can also take place in the expat service center of Network Netherlands in Hoofddorp. To get the maximum result from classes, the educational background, language proficiency, and available time will always be taken into account. Classes can be attended both during daytime and in the evening.

We offer various Dutch language training courses:

  • Practical Dutch
  • Dutch-as a second-language state examination
  • Civic integration


As you know, each country has its own culture and customs.

To enable the employee to get integrated in our society as soon as possible, it is particularly nice as well as useful  to attend a Dutch cultural training course. It is a purpose-made course for expats and their family-members that consists of:

  • An overview of Dutch history and culture.
  • An introduction to Dutch social and business customs.
  • Information about Dutch laws and regulations.

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