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Children’s education

You would like your new employee to be able to work without concern, perform in an optimum way, and be without worries about his family. However, a relocation abroad will have a serious impact on himself, his wife and child(ren). Children not only leave behind their familiar surroundings and their family and friends, but also come into a totally different culture, in which they do not understand  people.  For that very reason, it is important that the school in the new country is a place where the child feels safe and at home and where he or she can attend classes at their own level.


Choice of school

The Netherlands has excellent childcare and educational facilities. But what school suits best? The choice for the most suitable school depends on the child’s needs, the employee’s plans for the future, his/her financial means, and the educational options in his (temporary) place of residence.

Children’s daycare center and playgroup

At a children’s daycare center or playgroup, your employee can have his/her children that are still too young for primary school looked after by professional staff during one or more parts of the day. However, a stay at a children’s daycare center or playgroup is quite pricey.

Local education

Does your employee intend to settle in his/her new country for good?  Then, especially for migrants, local education will be a good option. At a local school, his/her child can easily get acquainted with children from the neighborhood and learn the language relatively quickly.  In the Netherlands, local education is publicly financed and a limited contribution is asked from parents.


International education

There is a good chance that your employee will stay in the Netherlands for only a few years or shorter. In that case, an international school may be a good option. The more so if he/she has sent his/her children to such a school during a previous transfer as well. Most international schools have English as the language of instruction. Note: international schools are private schools. This means that tuition fees will be fully paid by the company and/or the parents. Annual costs may vary from EUR 3,000 to 20,000 per child.

Different educational levels

If your employee also brings children to the Netherlands who are already at secondary-school age, the choice of school becomes a bit more complex. Secondary education in the Netherlands has different educational levels (apprenticeship training, pre-vocational  education, junior general secondary education, senior general secondary education or pre-university education) each of which with its own requirements for admission.

In order to arrive at a good choice of school, Network Netherlands consults with the parents to see what the wishes and possibilities of your employee and his/her children  are. We then schedule appointments with various schools in the vicinity of the new place of residence.

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