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About Network Netherlands
Bringing an employee to the Netherlands may seem a very simple matter. However, on arrival in the Netherlands, the main challenge of working with an expat quickly becomes clear. Relocation is one thing, but getting your life organized in a different country is another. It requires a lot of (preparatory) work, time and effort. Network Netherlands is uniquely positioned to know how extremely labor-intensive it is to supervise the procedures and successively visit the various official authorities.  This is often underestimated by companies and expats.

Network Netherlands knows the way in the immigration sector. When you employ our services, we can take over the process from you and your expat entirely (or in part). This has two clear advantages. For you it means that you can employ your new employee quickly and without stress.  And for the expat it means that he/she can concentrate on the new job and life in the Netherlands.

Our company stands for:

  • professionalism
  • personal attention to both the company and the expat
  • personal supervision during the whole immigration process
  • reliable partnership, for over 20 years
  • expertise
  • open communication / short lines of communication
  • 24/7 availability
  • long-term customer relations
Network Netherlands has all services for expats under one roof.

Whether it concerns a work permit, relocation, health insurance, Dutch classes, or housing, you mention it …. Network Netherlands takes care of it on your behalf!


Read more about our team and our work method below.

Our team

Frans Wesserlo (first on the left)

Financial Director

Frans is not only our Financial Director, but also our housing specialist. He is a top negotiator and is able to arrange the best deals. Do you want to have a smooth immigration process for your expat(s)?  Frans will find the most suitable location for you at the best price.

Monique Koetsveld (second from the left)

Senior Expat Consultant

Monique is a personable, social and creative person.  By her solution-oriented approach, she will make sure that all procedures are dealt with efficiently and effectively. She will do all she can to make your expats feel comfortable within a foreseeable time frame. Monique will quickly help them find a nice place in Dutch society. In her own words: “I love my job.”

Monique van Bergen (center)

Immigration Director

Immigration Director Monique has been tried and tested in various public services, such as the Immigration and Naturalization Service.   She used her expertise in that field for the foundation of Network Netherlands. Through her tremendous passion and knowledge in the field of immigration, she is able to find ways that are not known to other people. “She doesn’t take no for an answer!”
Our work method

Arrival of the new employee
Within 4 weeks after the application has been submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), your employee(s) will be able to depart for the Netherlands. If they arrive during office hours, we will collect them from the airport, and take them to the apartment. Or, if that is not yet available, to their hotel. Our expat consultants will personally accompany them to their appointments with the Dutch authorities. Within one day, your employee(s) will receive their work- and residence permit and social security number (BSN-number)and registration in the municipal personal records database will take place. In addition, we will also make sure that your employee(s) will have a bank account opened that very same day. To learn more about the Netherlands, they will receive from us the nice, informative English-language Holland Handboek, in which all sorts of typically Dutch matters are described.

Your expat’s  immigration procedure is a time-consuming matter, which can be greatly relieved by the help of a professional. Network Netherlands will be happy to take that burden off your hands. You, the employer, will determine yourself what assistance is required for your new employee and his/her family.


Flexible service packages
Network Netherlands works with flexible service packages. In cooperation with us, you will select the required immigration package, and we will quote a fixed price for that. This way, you will have a clear idea in advance  of the costs of an immigration pathway.


Immigration pathway
After you have signed the commission, we will contact your foreign employee. After the interview, we will give you and your employee a clearly written report of the immigration pathway that lies ahead.  We will inform you and your employee(s) of the required documents and the procedures to be followed. On receipt of these documents, the application will be sent digitally (quick processing) to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).


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