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What our clients say about us:

All my worries about moving to the Netherlands with my wife, two young children, and a cat are about to become reality, when accepted by Damen. But then I met Network Netherlands. My visa applications, my search for a house, immigration procedures, 30% ruling application, child benefit application and many more questions, everything I needed was easily answered and processed. None of my worries became my reality. I am really happy to have met Monique and Frans. We all thank you.

Evrim Alözkan (23/01/2023)

Damen Shipyards

Deskundig, snel, adequaat, prettig, klantvriendelijk. Dit zijn wat mij betreft de meest kenmerkende woorden voor Network Netherlands. De samenwerking van de dienst HRM, Haagse Hogeschool met dit bedrijf heeft inzicht en rust gebracht. Er wordt werk deskundig uit handen genomen. Daarnaast zijn de medewerkers van NN altijd bereid je te adviseren over hoe bepaalde zaken aan te pakken. 

Marianne Verwiel

Dienst HRM, Haagse Hogeschool

Frans Wesserlo and his team at Network Netherlands made my move to the Netherlands from the United States as smooth as possible.  Door-to-door service, accommodating and knowledgeable, Frans listened to what I was looking for in locating a new home, and helped me through the process to find the perfect place that met my needs. He walked me through (literally) the process to get the necessary documentation for my residence to this country, being flexible to my schedule and conscious of my time by ensuring appointments minimized any waiting. I wholeheartedly recommend Network Netherlands for helping Expatriates like myself for a smooth transition to a new city and country.

Donna Seid

Ellis Enterprise B.V.

The logistics of moving to a foreign country may feel overwhelming at first. Fortunately, Network Netherlands has been there for me every step of the way with great advice, hands-on pragmatism and impressive organizational skills.

Klaas Voss

Lecturer, Haagse Hogeschool

Understanding local legal laws in Dutch for the expats during settlement process, compliance on legal immigration, resident permits, local laws is really complex if we are not familiar in Dutch or sometimes legal terms and phrases are difficult to interpret. But then, a very warm, friendly, helpful, out of box thinker with thorough professional knowledge, NETWORK NETHERLANDS BV and Monique helped our family in understanding the processes and ensuring that we achieve the desired legal and professional objective. A BlG THANK YOU TO MONIQUE and the Network Netherlands Team.

Murthy & Deepa Karra

Dear Monique,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for all the help your company has given me so far. I am deeply impressed by the level of your professionalism and efficiency. Kindly pass on my compliments to John who has been such an exceptionally well-organized, well-informed and courteous guide to me.

Christina Yugay

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem B.V.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are active in all kinds of branches, ranging from private investors to multinationals. Whether one or more employees need to be transferred to the Netherlands, Network Netherlands will assist you in this process.